Tahoe Hedgehogs

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Custom Cage Setup $200

Why a Tupperware bin?

You can easily obtain a wire or glass aquarium at the pet store, and while that may be more appealing, they are not ideal for hedgehogs.  My well-designed setups are specifically designed for hedgehogs.  Its 360 degree wall to wall coverage prevents harmful drafts that can send your hedgehog into hibernation, which is dangerous for this particular domesticated species.  The partially mesh lid ventilates the cage, keeps the warmth in, creating a cozy environment for a happy hedgehog.  The plastic is a lightweight easy to clean clear surface, and durable!


Cleaning the cage is super easy, about once a week, just unscrew the wheel, water bottle, and litter pan, and dump out the shavings!  The cage itself is lightweight, and easy to wipe clean.

Items included in setup

You will be set up with everything you will need for the next three months including food and bedding.  You will receive a large sterilite cage with custom mesh lid, water bottle, food dish, igloo, wheel, litter pan, hideout tube, toys, and 2lbs of hand mixed high quality hedgehog food.

Hand mixed hedgehog food

Choice, hand mixed high quality food.

2 lbs - $15

4 lbs - $25

6 lbs - $35

Pickup or Ship to your door.